Welcome to Rainlight Crafts temporary holding page while I find where I put all the files I need to get this running...

Rainlight Crafts is one branch of the creative enterprise of Heather Keith Freeman, a multifaceted artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvlania. Less generically, I make and sell artwork made from wire, beads, found objects, and whatever else strikes me as interestingly usable.

Everyone's seen those 'tree of life' pendants and suncatchers floating around, right? A bunch of wire twisted to form a tree shape inside a hoop, with stone chips as 'leaves'. Well, I've taken that concept and run with it, to make wire trees unlike any you have ever seen. From tiny pendants up to wall-size statement pieces, you can bring more of the magic of nature into your life with the work of Rainlight Crafts.

I also branch out into the occasional phoenix, dragon, mermaid, spider, or just plain sparkly thing.

Beyond the work shown here, I also work in more traditional 2-D media, which work can be found at Fire Sea Studios. Personal writing and miscellaneous information about me can be found at jnanacandra.com.

While this site is under massive construction, I have a slideshow of a few of my works up on my gallery page to give you an idea of my style.